Gratitude book

What is a gratitude book?

A blank notebook which will be filled with your daily gratitudes. You can personalise it to your own taste (this could help you bond with it which will make it easier to pick up and use).

What  are gratitudes?

These are things you are grateful for. There are many examples of this if you are looking ranging from

I am grateful for my duvet and warm bed

I am grateful the beautiful sunshine that warms my back as I write this blog on an October morning.

It may take you sometime to get into a flow over writing gratitudes but it will come if you make it a daily habit

Why keep a gratitude book?

Firstly it can take only a few minutes everyday and can be used as a meditative process to get in touch with how you are.

They are positive reflections of your day which can balance out the many negative thoughts which swim around our heads.

Maybe it will have a long term affect and change a negative way of seeing things into a positive way of seeing things.

How do I keep a gratitude book?

Sit down at the same time everyday, I do mine just before I go to bed, (this will help to create a habit, a skillful habit) and write three sentence of gratitude beginning

I am grateful for....

Whatever the day brings you can find something to be grateful for.

Just see what happens, give it sometime and then reflect back on how it has worked for you.

I wish you well with this practice