For the past few months I have been following a fourfold path of forgiveness set out in Desmond and Mpho Tutu in their book, "The book of Forgiving". 

I am very grateful to my friend Gaberial for recommending it to me.

Reading and doing the activities in the book has inspired me to write this blog.

The book has many reflections on the massive forgiveness which took place over the apartheid in south Africa. 

I came to this book not for massive forgiveness but for the smaller issues with family and close ones. The path has been enlightening. 

The main point I have come away with is that to forgive is to release yourself from the torment of reliving the past wrong. It does not mean you accept that wrong but you release it's power over you. You do not need to do it with the person who has done you wrong but you can. It is not a quick fix but a noble path.

Many thanks for reading

Wish you well