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Chanting books and Family Camp songs

Click here to download the Amaravati Family Camp Song book.

Download the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery Chanting book Vol 1 (Daily Chanting and Reflections)

Download the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery Chanting book Vol 2 (Sutta and Parittas)

Click here to download the text of the Gratitude Song (Family Camp 2014)

And listen to the Amaravati Sangha chanting if you like ...


About Gratitude

Brother David Steindl-Rast was a source of inspiration throughout the 2014 events. He is associated with a website dedicated to all things gratefulness

Go be inspired!


About Family Camp ... previous sites and other things

Ajahn Kusalo led the camp in the 1990s. His unique site covers Buddhism, the history of Amaravati Monastery and of the camps. He is currently abbot of Bodhinyanarama Monastery in New Zealand.

Amaranatho led the events with Ajahn Cittapala in the noughties, ending in 2011. He created and maintained the previous site, which has been archived at

The winter 2009 edition of the Forest Sangha Newsletter, the Amaravati Monastery newsletter, was wholly dedicated to Family Events – PDF here

There's an old YouTube channel with some videos ... look here

And even older .... a video of 1995 here


Private area for family camp participants

Access password protected area



The Dharma Primary School, Brighton

The idea of founding a Dharma Primary School evolved from the family camps at Buddhist Monastery in Hertfordshire in the mid-1980s. Early in the 90s this interaction between parents, children and members of the Buddhist monastery inspired a group of parents to meet in Brighton with the aim of opening the first Buddhist School for children in the U.K. (text from Wikipedia entry

Thawsi Buddhist School, Bangkok and Pranyapateep Buddhist Secondary School

Jazz, currently a teacher at Pranyapateep Buddhist Secondary School, first came to Amaravati Family Camp around 2003. She participated in Family Camp again in 2012 with Pang, another teacher from the Thawsi School. Some of the young people from FC have volunteered at the schools. The site features teachings in English from Ajahn Jayasaro.

The Secondary school was featured in an article in the English-language Bangkok Post recently.

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in the UK. The monastery website has information about the community, what happens and is available there and a large collection of teachings for download.


Luang Por Chah forest sangha

Luang Por Chah sangha, a portal to the international branch monasteries of Luang Por Chah.

Biography of Ajahn Chah

A series of video clips of Ajahn Chah's Life story as told by Ajahn Jayasaro.