The theme for 2017 was Sati / Mindfulness

Family Camp

For 2017 we have been investigating Sati/Mindfulness. We focused on the 6 sense doors - sight, hearing, taste, smell, body/touch and the mind; looking at what we allow into our senses. There was plenty of mediation, slowing down and stopping. We carried out a knitting project, which culminated in 'yarn bombing' the Stupa in the Buddha Grove. We also did a huge weaving during Puja on old fence. There was also an amazing wooden bird bulit with the help of children young and old! 

It was Sister Tisara's last year before she leaves for Thailand. There was an emotional presentation on Saturday afternoon with Donna leading a choir singing 'Our Wish', as well as the children pinning heart shaped good wishes to Sister Tisara. We all wish her the best of luck on her travels and look forwards to her return in 2019!


Family Camp songs recorded in August 2015