Dates for 2019 - Booking now open


Bookings for the 2019 Amaravati Family Events are now open. You can find the dates and application form on the bookings page. Please note the deadline of 28th the February for receipt of application forms.

Rainbows Weekend 3-6 May

June Weekend 14-16 June

Summer Camp 17-25 August

Creative Weekend 1-3 November

Young Persons’ Weekend 29 November – 1 December

family Camp 2017

We had a wonderful Family Camp this year with the weather just about holding out for us! There is a new slideshow of photo's (over at the rainbows magazine link) which were kindly taken by lots of people during Camp this year. Thank you to all. Enjoy!

The dates for 2018 are also up on the website, so take a peek!


Coming up – Creative Weekend

This, which is my body, from the soles of the feet up, and down from the top of the head, is a sealed bag of skin, filled with unattractive things

Creative Weekend 22–24 Spetember 2017

32 parts of the Body – a teaching which the Buddha gives us to cut through the attachment to our own body and the body of others, in order to realise stream-entry. Why did he choose to contemplate the body as “parts”? And how can we do that without getting out of touch or dismissive about our body? — many questions …

The Creative Weekend is a mix of formal practice and ways of exploring and reflecting on the theme individually and in the group. This will include periods of guided and silent meditation to strengthen present moment awareness, also moving, painting etc.and the contemplation of Buddhist teachings.

The retreat will be lead by Ajahn Cittapala & Sister Tisara.

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2016 Creative Weekend, December 2 – 4


— resisting, welcoming, being with and learning from change

Most of us know about the Buddha’s teaching about anicca - impermanence. Still, we tend to cling to what appears to be stable, to what feels supportive of our sense of self, our sense of control and safety: the body, our opinions, the things we are used to, feel dependent on, are inseparable from ...

And yet, deep down we know that there is nothing which is permanent and certain, nothing that will not change. To acknowledge this is like acknowledging death — ego-death. It is threatening to that part of ourselves which is conditioned to identify with form, with our familiar world and circumstances. The experience of this ego-death can be a truly liberating moment: a liberation from fear, pain and rigidity. So why do we still hold on to the illusion of self and control? And how could creativity be possible without change? 

We will offer devotional pujas and ways of exploring and reflecting on the theme individually and in the group. This will include periods of guided and silent meditation to strengthen present moment awareness, moving, painting etc. and the contemplation of Buddhist teachings. 

This retreat is open to adults (18 yrs +) and will be lead by Ajahn Cittapala. The numbers are limited to 20 places. 

For further information click here

The booking form is available here

2016 Young Person's Retreat, November 25–27

The Young Person's Retreat is for anyone aged 13-18 who would like to spend the weekend exploring life and themselves through the lens of the Buddha's wisdom. The weekends aim to be a mix of meditation, good food, reflection, activity and friendship in the beautiful setting of Amaravati Monastery. You don't have to be a Buddhist or know a lot about Buddhism to join, but we do expect all participants to follow the five precepts as a minimum.

Sister Tisara will lead the weekend this year, helped by other sangha members. The theme for the weekend is 'Open Enquiry'.

If you have any questions, please contact the bookings coordinator

2016 YPR booking form (PDF)

2016 YPR booking form (docx)

Singing Day - 3rd September 2016

We are excited to announce a Singing Day has been planned for recording all the Family Camp songs! The date is set for SATURDAY 3RD SEPTEMBER, 9am - 6.30pm.

There will be a morning and afternoon session, with a shared meal in the Retreat Centre.

This is open to all Family Campers - past, present and future who would like to spend the day singing and recording classic Family Camp songs from across the years!

Contact Dan Jones at for more information. You can also download the booking form here

Young Person's Retreat 2015

We are now taking bookings for our Young Person's Retreat! It is open for people aged 13 to 19 years. The retreat is on Friday 30th October until Sunday 1st November. The weekend is run more like a conventional retreat, including dhamma contemplation, sitting and walking meditation.

If you are interested in attending, download the booking form and return to Gina Willow (Bookings Coordinator) as soon as possible Click here for a link to booking form.

Tim Hagyard, the retreat manager, is looking for parent helpers to come forward. A number of spots needs filling - treasurer, housekeeping and child protection. If you can help, please get in touch with Tim directly at

I am sure it is set to be a insightful weekend for our youngsters!

Rainbows Weekend - Reflection on the weekend by Venerable Appamado

Venerable Appamado joined the Rainbows Retreat this year. After living at Amaravati for a number of years when he participated in the Family Events,  he now lives in the Portuguese Monastery and came over especially to join the retreat. Here's an account he sent me of his time over the weekend. 

Arriving  for the Rainbows Weekend is usually  a mix of looking forward with 'unsureness'.

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Family Camp is nearly here!!!

It's nearly time to welcome everyone for the 2015 Family Camp, and on my side, preparations are going into full swing ... the big marquee will go up in the next days, and from then on it's full steam ahead! During the two shorter family retreats in May and June , we explored the Life and Teachings of Ajahn Chah, which we will continue to do over the camp. His approach and wisdom resonating in my mind, I'm looking forwards to doing more exploring with everyone .., Sister Tisara.


Reflections on pain

Reflection on a quote by cheri huber

Painful things come up

Not to ruin our lives

Not to make us miserable

Not to spoil our good time

they come up to be healed

to be embraced in compassion

 by cheri Huber

I read this quote many years ago and stumbled on it again today. It was such a beautiful message that I wrote it carefully in a hard back book. I also wrote these words to go with it.

Take notice of these situations when pain arises. 

Notice it

It is here.

If I push it away, it will not go but tension will make it feel worse.

If I let it in, I can feel the waves of tension and cessation wash along my shore.