autumn in the buddha grove

autumn in the buddha grove

Family Camp aims to bring together people with an interest in Buddhism, to discover unity and friendship.

We live by the Five Precepts and Buddhist teachings.  These provide a framework to allow individual differences and to live in harmony with each other.  Our commitment to the Precepts and teachings supports the ongoing relationship with the monastic community and with each other.

It is our intention to provide a safe, accessible and nurturing atmosphere in which we can all relax and benefit fully from the experience of being at one of our events. 

It is important to remember that we are here by invitation from the Amaravati monastic community and therefore use this sacred space with respect to their way of life.

These guidelines reflect our Child Protection Policy, Health and Safety Risk Assessment, Counter Bullying Policy, Photography and Media Policy, Internet Safety Policy and Codes of Safe Practice and Conduct for Children and Adults.  These are available online here and at each event. We would advise you to become familiar with them.


Parents are responsible for all children within their care throughout the duration of the camp. 

Please ensure that your children are aware that they must not leave the monastery grounds without parental permission.

In order to comply with fire regulations, if for any reason you have to leave the Monastery grounds please ensure both your child/children and the Camp Coordinator are aware of your whereabouts and when you will return.  Please ensure that supervision of your child/children has been arranged and a contact number is given to the Camp Coordinator for use in the event of an emergency.


We do not normally encourage participants to invite visitors to ‘drop in’ to one of our weekends or summer family camp.  In certain circumstances exceptions may be made, e.g. past long term participants.

In line with our Child Protection Policy, our Health and Safety Risk Assessment and our Fire Regulations please talk to the Camp Coordinator if you wish to invite a visitor to the camp.  He will advise you of the most appropriate time for them to visit. 

All visitors must sign in using the Visitors Book in the retreat centre kitchen. 


In order to support a harmonious camp it is necessary that we all respect communal spaces – the retreat centre, the kitchen, the campsite and outside areas including the field and woodland.   We therefore ask all adults and young people to share in the running of the camp. 

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children are aware of and attend their washing up group and the daily work period.  There will be a washing up and cleaning rota posted in the kitchen.

Smoking is not permitted within the Retreat centre and Monastery site (including the monastery woodland)

The misuse of non-prescribed or illegal drugs or to be under the influence of alcohol is not permitted at an Amaravati Family Event or within the Retreat Centre and Monastery site (including the Monastery Woodland).  

Anyone found to be in breach of this requirement will be asked to leave.


We ask everyone for late night noise sensitivity.  By respecting this we are able to look after each other and the life style of the monastic community.  We request that there is quiet time in the retreat centre, the campsite and grounds, from Midnight until after morning meditation at 7.30 am.

Suggested Bedtimes

8 years and under        9.00 pm

9 – 12 years                10.00 pm

Over 13                        Midnight


The retreat centre has two single gender dormitories with single gender bathrooms off them.  These facilities are for the exclusive use of that gender only.

When sleeping in the dormitories please be aware of the needs and well being of those you are sharing the space with.


Responsibility for the smooth running of the kitchen is held by our Kitchen Manager/s.

No children under the age of 10 are allowed in the kitchen unsupervised.

You are welcome to make tea or coffee in the ‘tea station’ in the servery area.

Please do not take food from any of the store cupboards or fridges without prior permission from the Kitchen Manager.  If you are hungry please tell the kitchen manager.


These are available for our use.   However, there are areas within on the field and within the wood that provide private retreat space for the Monastic Sangha.  Please do not enter these restricted areas.


There are no computer or internet facilities available for participants. If anyone needs email or communications access during their stay, they should either use their own equipment or if necessary speak to the sangha leader for the event.


In order to show sensitivity to the monastic environment, all participants (men and women) are encouraged to dress modestly - avoiding miniskirts, tiny shorts, tight or skimpy tops, see-though materials.


 We hope to have the opportunity to have a camp fire during our Family Events.  We have a designated ‘Fire Person’ who is responsible for laying, lighting and putting out the camp fire. 

 Children must be supervised by adults when attending fires.  The fire must not be left without adult supervision and must be fully extinguished by midnight at the very latest.


 Cars must be parked in the designated car parking area to the right of the main Monastery gate.  Cars can only be taken onto the field for access to the camping area at Summer Camp to unload or load camping equipment.  Cars must then be parked in the designated area only.


 We have a supply of art materials and equipment available for use.  Please clean any dirty brushes, paint palettes, glue pots etc after use and return them to their correct box.

We have a limited supply of scissors, knitting needles, etc that we use for workshops.  Please ensure that these are returned to the activity coordinators after use.


We have a limited supply of sports equipment that you are welcome to use for workshops and games.  Please ensure that these are returned after use.  Any losses or breakages should be reported to the activity coordinators.