The theme for 2016 was The Life of the Buddha

Family Camp

We had a wonderful time at Family Camp this year exploring the life of the Buddha. The whole camp was made to feel very spacious and calm, as there was plenty of time for mediation and contemplation. The young children made mediation pebbles, which they used during their meditation, and there was plenty of opportunities for the adults to mediate too.

During the Puja's we explored the 'hero's journey' within our own lives, as well as looking at the Buddha's journey to enlightenment. We contemplated life's up and downs and were invited to seek refuge within the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

Activities saw the building of a wonderful cave of (almost!) 10,000 Buddha's, making of a Bodhi tree, Buddha drawings, t-shirts making, lanterns, precept flags, yoga, sports tournaments, a walk with the Sangha, rice pindapat, mediation and much more!


Family Camp songs recorded in August 2015