Coming up – Creative Weekend

This, which is my body, from the soles of the feet up, and down from the top of the head, is a sealed bag of skin, filled with unattractive things

Creative Weekend 22–24 Spetember 2017

32 parts of the Body – a teaching which the Buddha gives us to cut through the attachment to our own body and the body of others, in order to realise stream-entry. Why did he choose to contemplate the body as “parts”? And how can we do that without getting out of touch or dismissive about our body? — many questions …

The Creative Weekend is a mix of formal practice and ways of exploring and reflecting on the theme individually and in the group. This will include periods of guided and silent meditation to strengthen present moment awareness, also moving, painting etc.and the contemplation of Buddhist teachings.

The retreat will be lead by Ajahn Cittapala & Sister Tisara.

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