2016 Creative Weekend, December 2 – 4


— resisting, welcoming, being with and learning from change

Most of us know about the Buddha’s teaching about anicca - impermanence. Still, we tend to cling to what appears to be stable, to what feels supportive of our sense of self, our sense of control and safety: the body, our opinions, the things we are used to, feel dependent on, are inseparable from ...

And yet, deep down we know that there is nothing which is permanent and certain, nothing that will not change. To acknowledge this is like acknowledging death — ego-death. It is threatening to that part of ourselves which is conditioned to identify with form, with our familiar world and circumstances. The experience of this ego-death can be a truly liberating moment: a liberation from fear, pain and rigidity. So why do we still hold on to the illusion of self and control? And how could creativity be possible without change? 

We will offer devotional pujas and ways of exploring and reflecting on the theme individually and in the group. This will include periods of guided and silent meditation to strengthen present moment awareness, moving, painting etc. and the contemplation of Buddhist teachings. 

This retreat is open to adults (18 yrs +) and will be lead by Ajahn Cittapala. The numbers are limited to 20 places. 

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